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QZEE FURNITURE Brand of Workstation Chairs featuring Workstation chairs or so called Computer Chairs with Waterfall seat reduces pressure at the back of your knees promoting better blood flow to your legs, Waterfall Seat upholstered with Either Fabric or with Composite PU Leatherette with a Push Back* [Optional] Mechanism for optimal comfort, the Destiny Brand of Workstation Chair also have many other details that make them popular with the staff who worked around workstation Its finger touch Tension Control over Push Back / Tilting allow its user to increase or decrease the pressure required to tilt or Push the back of the chair and Pneumatic height adjustment lets anyone select the correct seat height with the flip of a lever. You will get the stunning color contrast or a one-tone effect; we have designed these chairs as per clients’ tastes.

QZEE FURNITURE Brand of Workstation Chair offers both comfort and style while sitting upright for all those long hours in front of laptop or a desktop, the ease, as few Workstation Chairs can. At QZEE FURNITURE while designing, manufacturing the QZEE FURNITURE Brand of Computer chairs, we are care about everything, like selection of Fabric, Mechanism, Ply or Plastic Inner and Outer. Concerning with Health, comfort and safety of client�s staff, this is one of QZEE FURNITURE top priorities. Employee productivity is directly affected by the level of comfortable working environment provided by the employer.