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Qzee Furniture Brand of CEO/President Chair offers both comfort and style as few CEO Chairs can. Featuring a highly comfortable Brand CEO Armchair with a Torsion Bar Mechanism for optimal comfort, Qzee Furniture Brand of CEO Chair also have many other details that make them popular with a wide variety of people addressing an assortment of seating needs Its highly sophisticated Tension Control over Tilting allow its user to increase or decrease the pressure required to tilt or rock the chair and pneumatic Gas lift adjust seat height according to the user legs height to reach its most comfortable level with a wooden base move at double casters, Luxuriously upholstered wide comfortable seat and ergonomically profiled backrest, with Membrane finished wooden armrests top with soft upholstered Pads in different shades will allow its user an all day comfort. Select between Composite PU Leatherette / Pure Leather or a Good Quality fabric*[Option] of your choice, mounted to an impact Above of all, Anti-shock protection preventing a backrest from hitting. These chairs are specifically designed to offer the optimum level of comfort keeping the work responsibility of a CEO, President, Ambassador of a Foreign Embassy, Managing Directors in our mind. Ensuring Zero error possibility, Qzee Furniture Offer different variety in CEO Chair’s category.